Museum Aan De Stroom

Modern architecture near de Schelde river.
Antwerp, Belgium


Inside and outside the replica of the iron atom magnified 165 billion times.
Brussel, Belgium

Lake District

Three days of hiking in the mountains of the Lake District.
Cumbria, England

Trans Mongolia Express

Travelling by train from Moscow to Beiing.
Russia, Mongolia and China

England’s South Coast

Two weeks of photography along the coastlines of Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and East Sussex


Landscape photography in the land of green, rain and whiskey.
Westcoast, Ireland


Photography of landscapes and Italian architecture during a one week holiday.
Tuscany, Italy


Day and nighttime photography of London sights.
London, England

Antwerp City Center

Historic and modern architecture in the city center.
Antwerp, Belgium

Normandy & Brittany

Ten day phototrip along the coastline of Normandy and Brittany.