This is my collection of photo books that have been published for personal use. Click on the book image to browse a book (Adobe Flash Player is required).


M I R A D O R – Landscapes from Argentina & Chile

A collection of mainly panoramic images from Argentina & Chile. I’ve traveled for four weeks from Iguazu Falls in the North of Argentina, via Buenos Aires to Patagonia and the most southern town in the world, Ushuaia. From there, Los Glaciares National Park was visited. From the ice of the glaciers, we visited the rocks of Torres del Paine in Chile. The Navimag ferry took us in four days from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt through the Patagonian channels. By car we visited the peninsula of Chiloé. Moving further north to the volcano area near Puerto Varas and Puçon. The trip ended in the capitol of Chile, Santiago.

January & February 2013   (42 x 28 cm, 74 pages, hardcover, binded lay-flat)

Mirador - Landscapes from Argentina & Chile


T R A N S   M O N G O L I A   E X P R E S S – Russia, Mongolia, China

A train journey of 7500 km through Russia, Mongolia and China. From Moscow to Beijng.

The Trans Mongolia Express was a journey without expectations but exceeding my imaginations. I had expected that travelling by train would be the highlight and the day trips to be just a nice addition. But it turned out to be just the opposite. Travelling from A to B was only the means to great experiences we’ve encountered when we went off the train. In summary, the Trans Mongolia Express was a once in a lifetime experience combining traveling and photography, cities and landscapes, people, cultures and architecture. It could also be characterized by opposites. Sunshine and rain, heat and cold, luxurious and primitive. And the cultures of Russia, Mongolia and China compared to our Western culture.

May 2010   (28 x 28 cm, 68 pages, hardcover, binded lay-flat)

Trans Mongolia Express


F R A N C E – Normandy & Brittany


A photo trip to the northwest coast of France with a group of photographers.

June 2007   (33 x 33 cm, 102 pages, hardcover, binded)

France - Normandy & Brittany



A photo trip to the Scottish highlands, Isle of Skye and Isle of Mull with a group of photographers.

June 2006  (33 x 33 cm, 102 pages, hardcover, binded)




A 6 weeks holiday in Australia. Traveling in 5 weeks from Cairns to Adelaide by camper. The last week was spent in Tasmania.

January 2006   (33 x 33 cm, 102 pages, hardcover, binded)