CKB Drums & Percussion

Centrum voor de Kunsten, musical performance by students.
Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

West-Brabant Giants

Premier league Dutch pro basketball team.
Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

England’s South Coast

Two weeks of photography along the coastlines of Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and East Sussex


Mid summer night market festival.
Vlissingen, The Netherlands


A six day journey with photographers through the Hashemite Kingdom.


Day and night time photography in the city center.
Dordrecht, The Netherlands


The biggest of the Frisian islands in the Wadden Sea.
The Netherlands

F16 Demo Fighter

F16 demo fighter aircraft in orange Dutch lion paint scheme.
Hoogerheide, The Netherlands

Dutch Windmills

Nineteen windmills located at this famous Dutch world heritage.
Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

Coloured Smoke

Abstract images of smoke, post processed to add colours.
Hoogerheide, The Netherlands